Today I would like to talk about the power of the mind.

Everything we experience in our lives is run through the perceptions of our mind. In other words, the mind is the filter through which we edit all of the information that we perceive.

From our earliest days in the body, we see images and hear the tone of what is being said and we interpret it. In the beginning, we may not have the capacity to properly reference these images or tonalities. We are not able to put them into context, but we definitely process them and make decisions about ourselves and others based on the emotions that are generated by these early learning experiences.

The result is the creation of the filter that could be very limiting in your life. You have all heard of such statements like, ‘If you believe something will or will not happen, you will be right’ or ‘What your resist persists’. There are many, many more. You have also undoubtedly heard that you create your reality.

We live in a time where things move so fast and there is always so much to do that there is not always time to reflect. Do we become the effect of our life or the director? I have been hearing and reading so much about simplifying your life and breaking through limiting beliefs. There is power to be had in your life, and there are so many different ways to begin the process.

I have been introduced to many wonderful people who have given me little nuggets of wisdom, sometimes even without knowing it. It really begins with the honest desire to face and uncover the filters that have created the limitations, blocks and feelings that ‘There must be something more.’

There is, and it’s not out there in the fast paced world that surrounds us. It is deep inside. It is the uncharted territory that resides within….

Where to begin this journey? One place to begin reaching into that uncharted territory is through meditation, sitting quietly and being, rather than doing. There are numerous teachers out there teaching meditation. I teach it.

Another resource is to have a clairvoyant reading to take a look at some of the filters that have been limiting you. You can find more about that at my web site. It is a good way to get to the beginning of some of the non-productive or negative patterns that you have created in your life and begin to reclaim your power from them.