Janet teaches most classes via teleconference, so you get to learn from the comfort of your own home.       If you’d like to know what current live classes are being held you can get it 3 ways:

  • You can check here periodically, but you might miss something
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  • At Facebook, Janet Green – Guiding Inspiration which also posts what is going on in our world energetically

Janet has a unique ability to see the blocks and patterns that keep people stuck in their lives. By coaching, teaching classes and workshops, she has seen real miracles occur in her clientele and students’ lives.  You could have some of those miracles in your life!  She teaches using amusement and a little levity to help you tear down your old beliefs and patterns, and create a new template for the life you couldn’t even imagine before.

You will learn to discover your own abilities, so you can overcome obstacles yourself and continue to transform your life!  That is just how amazing you are!

Why?  As people become adults, the experiences they have along the way often create small psychic (emotional) wounds and misperceptions that cause them to attract the things they actually don’t want in their lives.  Isn’t it time to move out those small psychic wounds and have what you’ve always dreamed of?

You can also purchase downloads of Archived Classes on the “Class Downloads” Page. Just hover over that tab to see a list of available downloads.

As a lifelong student of life, Janet continues her own education in order to boost her capacity to help people make miraculous transformations in their lives.

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