Using Your Hands as Healing Utensils Workshop

Have you ever felt Energy with your hands before?

How would you like to learn to use your Hands for Healing?


Join me for an in person Workshop


Saturday, October 7th 

Noon – 5 pm


Explore how you can use your hands to heal yourself and others!

No experience necessary!


Note: Location to be determined once I have a head count.

Some of the fun things you will learn are:
*  How to communicate with a Spirit Guide
            (And it’s FUN!  Can have them run errands!)
* How to heal yourself while healing others (clear energy faster than just meditating
* The full Basic Healing Technique
            Basic introduction—learn to do basic healings (grounding, aura, channels, chakras)
* Heal the aura, heal the body (heal the spirit, heal the body 
* Aspects of working with energy
            No effort
            Pretending helps!  Amusement goes along way
At the end of the class, you’ll receive a cheat sheet at the end of the class so that you won’t forget how to give these amazing healings.

Cost:  $225