DSCN0171You may believe in your visions today with conviction, and you may find that you want to share your dreams, goals and aspirations with others. On the other hand, you also may want to spend time building the strength of your convictions, instead of always needing for others to believe in you.

If you can focus on creating an unshakable belief in your vision from a place of neutrality, you will be able to confidently manifest them. Simply give yourself the gift of spending some time to be alone today in meditation, visualizing the outcome of your dreams.

  • Allow everyone else’s energy, whether good or bad, about your dreams to release from your space
  • Call back your own energy and replenish yourself with your life force,
  • Activate every sense you can when you visualize your dreams and gaols.
    • What does it look like?  Who is there with you?
    • What do you hear?
    • What does it smell like?
    • What does it feel like?
    • Can you imagine a taste that you love in this dream?
    • What colors are around you?
  • Bring in all of the joy and fulfillment you will experience when you achieve your goals.
  • Ask yourself what your next action step is and listen for a response. This will fuel your motivation and fill you with the confidence you need to move forward even when others don’t respond the way you would like.

When you build a strong belief in your dreams, it infuses you with the confidence to know you can achieve them, no matter what reaction you receive from others. Whether someone is in your corner or not, the effect is the same: your vision is mucked up with other people’s energy. If you clear out everyone from your what you are looking to create and manifest, and bring your life force and energy into building a strong vision of your dreams, you can then become your own support system and encourage yourself toward the success you “know” you can achieve. Take that leap today and believe in your ability to accomplish your goals, and you will enjoy, without needing, the support of others to succeed.