Spiritual Autonomy

Private Spiritual Autonomy Class – 14 Month Training @ $227/Class

“Spiritual Autonomy” is an intensive One-on-One spiritual training which further develops advanced tools of psychic abilities, and use of a larger-dimensional playground for exploring and altering one’s spiritual path in the present.  At present time, 14 classes are offered with overseen reading nights between classes to read with others in the program.

One graduate of the training noted: Of all of his years of advanced clairvoyant training, the One-to-One was the most impactful, transformative, and profound of his life.

Pre-requisite: This is a course for Students who have completed the 12 Month Clairvoyant Training and Graduate level program(s).   Contact Janet to find out if you meet the requirements and for more information.  This class can be taught with a partner if you both meet the requirements.

Spiritual Autonomy (aka: One-to-One) Focuses on creating:
  • A sanctuary for personal adventure into the sacred, the spiritual and the psychic
  • A safe spiritual space allowing for miraculous transformations to happen
  • A gold vibration in which the Cosmic, Divine, Earth and immortal spirit can be explored with trust, honor and respect
Here are a few of over a dozen areas covered:
  • Soul Personality Memory Banks
  • Spiritual/Physical Genetics
  • Creative Personal Power
  • Incarnations
  • The 8th Chakra
Class meets once/month
 Reading night scheduled once/month.

Pay by Class or Series