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Guiding Inspiration | Empowering Women to Activate Their Highest Potential


Janet Green is a celebrated intuitive and spiritually based Breakthrough coach who teaches big hearted, caring women to reignite their dreams and passions for their own life. So they can finally reclaim their power and fulfill their life purpose with grace and ease.

Known internationally, for her Tele-workshops and classes, Janet has been providing enlightening Breakthrough coaching for over a decade, and loves to inspire the miracles and transformations that allow her clients to have as they step into a new chapter of their lives.

Janet’s mission is to guide loving, nurturing women who are finally ready to give to themselves as generously as they give to others, by activating their potential to ignite a new presence in the world – without sacrificing the things they love about the life they’ve worked so hard to build.

Health Success

Since my reading with you my overeating habits are gone!!!!

“Hey!!!!!Janet!!!!!!!! Since my reading with you my overeating habits are gone!!!! The desire to be my best and make it happen is there, I feel like I am the person I have always known myself to be. I did make the choice to treat Marcus’ number like a bill collector and I am with peace every day since. Thank you for who you are and what you do.
There is absolutly no question to your gift.”

Lakesha Poole

Real Estate Success

And the best part . . . sold in only 14 days on the market!! Wow!!

“I am a real estate investor. I was having ‘issues’ finishing a property. Janet was referred to me and am I so grateful I called. After she ‘did (a clearing on) the property,’ the environment there was changed! Even my workers noticed a difference, and they knew nothing about Janet and what we were doing!! The property finished up swiftly and the best part . . . sold in only 14 days on the market!! Wow!! I will always use Janet on all my future purchases!! Simply Amazing!!

Bruce Walla

Real Estate Investor

“Janet helped me make tough decisions and to pursue life-long dreams.”

For several years, I got to know Janet by scheduling readings with her every now and then … Only when a situation got to the point where I felt stuck, stumped, or troubled. Every time, she was a source of clarity and healing.

So when Janet offered a program with regular touch points, I trusted the potential that monthly readings with her could provide.

Looking back now, almost 18 months later, I can see that the sporadic, stand-alone readings, though helpful, were primarily symptom relief compared to the sustained opening and self-understanding that the monthly calls have supported.

Having the opportunity to connect with Janet three times a month has strengthened my ability to see what’s in front of me and what’s going on inside me. It’s helped me make tough decisions and to pursue life-long dreams.

Janet’s program is a structure that supports manifesting a life aligned with your authentic self. She opens a space where you can feel your authentic self … and you take it from there.

Cathy Lange

Catherine Lange Communications