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Renew Your Commitment to your Body | Guiding Inspiration

Renew Your Commitment to your Body

Do you give your body what it wants and needs?

It takes a commitment.  Do you have it? 

Maybe you want:

  • To lose weight?
  • Get more fit?
  • Eat better foods for you?
  • Get and Stay Healthy?
  • Heal old injuries or illnesses?

Are you great at giving to others and maybe neglecting your own vessel?

How would your body feel if you truly honored it?

How would your life change if you had more day-to-day awareness of what your body wants?

It’s time to make the commitment you know you need and desire so that your body can go the distance

In this 75 minute Workshop, Step out of old unconscious patterns & anchor new desires into patterns that allow you to step into a new relationship with your body.

Love your body, your Temple.  After all, it’s all you got!

Cost:  $57