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Listening to Call 1 of the 3 call series will show you what the Monthly calls are like.

Anticipating Miracles in your Life” Monthly membership call series began with these 3 calls.


1st call ~~ My Gift to You  Deprogramming Cellular Memory

Did you know that during the course of your day, you could be secretly and unknowingly sabotaging your very own dreams and desires?

Do you go against your own intuition sometimes with the things you do and say? Are you truly in control of day-to-day life ~ the decisions you make moment to moment? Are you guided by your emotions or past habits? Wouldn’t you like to explore what you want versus what you do – your actions versus your true desires?

It’s time to knock those old patterns, beliefs and programming out of your life and open up to new strategies that support what you want now!


2nd Meditation – Amplifying your Ability to Receive

Do you come first in your life? Really and Truly? Are you really sure? Do you think it is selfish to put yourself first? Do you think that if you have too much, others will have less? Are you deserving of receiving?

Where do you “over-give” in any of these areas? Time — at the expense of what you personally need to get done? Money — so that you leave yourself short? Energy — where you leave yourself depleted? Attention — so you can’t focus on your needs or projects? Healing others — at the expense of your own health? Do you feel obligated to continue these patterns at the expense of what is best for you?

Are you truly helping others when you don’t take care of your own needs?

Let’s get to the bottom of all that and prepare to accept your ability to receive. Allow your “Ability to Have” (Havingness) increase so you can balance giving with receiving.


3rd Meditation – Your Manifesto to Move Forward

By the time we have this call, you will notice that your life is shifting. You may not be able to define exactly what is shifting, yet, you feel differently. On this call, we will take a look at your next steps and you will begin to create the blueprint that takes you forward in in your life. Now that you’re ready for the new information, Call 3 prepares you to be more present in your life so you can sky rocket forward with a new perspective, recognizing possibilities and opportunities as they present themselves. You will have more present time awareness, so everything you have been working for opens up for you effortlessly and your level of Havingness increases exponentially.