Spring has arrived and with it the desire to get into the body and move again. Winter created a gap for many of us and the exercise that was intended in the New Year’s resolution came and went leaving your spirit and body to go their separate ways. With the advent of the better weather spirits are lifting and it is time once again for the your spirit to get re-acquainted with your body.

I have been getting emails all winter with low fat diets, recipes, great workouts and how to live a healthy life. There is so much information out there that you could literally spend every day doing nothing else but reading it all (and not getting any kind of physical workout). I subscribe to several newsletters and have tried many of the offers that are out there.

As far as getting into the body, there is no better way than to get moving; exercise and play. You could start off easy and take yourself for a walk, and here in Chicago, that could mean taking a walk along the lake, especially later this week, when we are supposed to have great weather. I learned to Power Walk in an exercise class this winter. Lake Michigan could provide an excellent backdrop for this kind of fun.

Al Sears MD has a different strategy in his workout that I am going to try. He believes that long workouts are not healthy for your heart, lungs, muscles or immune system and has a book out that you might want to check out, PACE. Dr. Sears calls for short bursts of intensity and power (exertion) followed by intervals of rest (recovery), which undoubtedly would appeal to many of us, not to mention that the workouts aren’t very long, so they can fit into almost anyone’s day. Hence that name, Pace, which is the key.

I will be letting you know how I like this type of workout in the next couple of weeks.