Every day we face challenges on how to get through our day. It can be daunting. Sometimes things happen that turn an otherwise uneventful day into a stressful day of unimaginable trials and tests; a day where it is all you can do to just keep your head above water.

I will be investigating different ways to meet the challenges we each face every day so that you can build a set of tools to assist you on finding grace and ease in your life. I will be discussing some of the tools I have taught; tools that can assist you to break down the barriers that hold you back from having the life you desire.

In reading the content of this blog, you may find that some things work for you and others don’t. Take what works and add it to your tool belt. If it doesn’t, let it go and try something else. When you are looking to find your power and live the life you want, it may take some time to find the things that work for you, to personalize it so that it works for you.