I find it amazing just how easy it is to resist what is happening in my life on any given day. Some days there is a green light at every intersection as we go through the day and other days the red light looms at every crossroad.

I was meditating on my own resistance in general and pondered my power of observation at my resistance. I find it is sometimes hard to observe. As I meditate though, I can see it loud and clear. Resistance causes discomfort and many times anger and resentment. That is because things aren’t going the way I would like. As soon as I don’t care about controlling the source of my discomfort, I don’t feel it anymore.

Hmmm, I thought. If I try to control a situation and it becomes uncomfortable, I am noticing that I am in resistance. As soon as I let go of the need to control the outcome, things change. There might be something to this.

I would like you to notice for yourself. When you are uncomfortable, meaning that you are experiencing some kind of anger, depression, victim-hood or what you might consider a negative emotion, watch yourself if possible from the casual observer point of view and see if you can let go of the need to control the outcome. Notice if that changes the entire event happening before your eyes.