I’m still doing research on “Happiness” and what it takes to feel it more often.  I believe that with a little awareness, it is attainable more often than we think.  My hope is that you can find a thought or tool here that will enable you to find more day to day happiness in your life.

Since you are on the path of personal and spiritual growth, you have probably been taught to analyze the unhappiness you experience in order to fix it.

Why then, aren’t you trained to analyze happiness when you experience that?

You may have been taught to raise your vibration, to kind of ignore the thing you don’t want (you know, the Law of Attraction) so you can rise above any discontent and just observe your emotions without attachment or judgment. 

  • Sometimes, it’s hard to trust that feeling of happiness,
  • Many of the people I know, feel that the very acknowledgment of their good feeling will lead to the other shoe dropping. 
  • In other words, many of you expect your happiness to be short lived by something equally bad or even worse to follow. 

Sadly, that’s what my husband said when we went on a cruise and things were going so well. He said that he knew something bad was going to happen and then I got diagnosed with colon cancer.

Why not redirect your thoughts and try to create a new habit instead?  

How about noticing the times you experience happiness? 

You have a golden opportunity to recognize feelings of joy, enthusiasm, peace, contentment and yes, happiness.  You can seize the power of the moment by luxuriating in your feelings right then, acknowledging them with awareness and taking time to being grateful for those feelings and your ability to recognize them (where you connected all the dots).

If you can recognize that you are happy, you can do it again with more regularity.  After all, this is still about you having awareness.  And having awareness, gives you the coice to bring the happiness to you.

Here are some of the steps to create that awareness:

  • Take a moment to notice how any of those positive emotions feel in your body
  • Notice what kind of thoughts you experience as you feel the positivity 
  • Spend a moment to retrace what brought you here
    • What frame of mind were you in? 
  • Notice if you made any choice to be in this positive state
  • Did you just walk into something that allowed you to lighten your load?

Once you know what it feels like:

  • You can identify some of the characteristics of your happiness.

Being aware of your actions that got you there, you can recreate (connect the dots again) to your happiness when you are feeling less buoyant.

Knowing that like attracts like (the Law of Attraction), you can step out of a low vibration by focusing on things that you noticed when you were feeling light and joyful. 

I have a wonderful friend who tells me that when she’s sad, she gives herself 10 minutes to feel it fully, and then sets her mind on being more upbeat with in the moment thoughts, as she looks for ways she can find joy.  By giving yourself time to acknowledge how you feel, like my friend does, you honor the part of you that feels that way.  You have the right to feel the way you do, don’t you?  And then, you know you must get on with your day. 

It may seem counterintuitive but forcing yourself to flip to the positive side of being giving and forgiving, is a move towards happiness, especially when it doesn’t seem to come naturally.  Only you can do this.  No one can do it for you.  This is one of those places you have to make a choice.  Allowing yourself to be forgiving and giving helps you to reconnect with the joy.

Some ideas on how to make that shift:

  • Sing or play a song you love
  • Take a walk, bike ride or enngage in physical activity you enjoy
  • Find a picture that makes you smile from the memory
  • Let a pet lend you emotional support or give a happiness prompt

By focusing your energy on nurturing and feeding happiness and all that it encompasses, you make happiness a habit.  What could be a better habit to have?

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