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What do I write about and why? | Guiding Inspiration

You may have seen some of my posts in the past and noticed that I haven’t posted regularly.  I have been concentrating on a mailed newsletter for the past 2 years and realized that I could reach more of you on-line.  D’oh!  Silly, right?


So, I am transitioning into posting a blog regularly.


The inspiration of this calling has a higher purpose to reach more people so that together, we can become more aware of what’s going on internally as opposed to what is going on externally.  My hope is that this venue will get the word out, so that it will radiate out and raise the vibration of the whole planet.  


We are pulling out of the old paradigm about how we operate at a third chakra level, that to me looks like a tapestry filled with threads that are worn out and ready to be replaced by new threads of a higher and more present time vibration which will form the new paradigm.  My mission is to help people to move into that paradigm with grace and ease.   


I have been guiding clients, teaching meditation, healing, clairvoyance and other intuitive courses for 15 years now.  Many of them have asked me to write on stress management tools, how to handle day-to-day overwhelm, keeping a strong sense of purpose, or just be held accountable for the goals that they are trying to accomplish.  So, my topic is personal growth, both as a spirit and as a person who is part of humanity, trying to make the most out of life.


I will be writing about those topics and with your comments and ideas, we can really begin a dialogue of where we are heading as individuals and as a whole, blazing a path where others can follow when they are ready to join.  


My inspired desire is that by reaching out to you, by this time next year, we will have a broad base of kindred spirits, creating a community full of bright and shining individuals living their Truth.  I know it is going to be a very enjoyable and fun journey.