I’ve been looking at the energy quite a bit as you can imagine, while not getting caught up in it (remembering the tools I teach).  I have been surprised that many of you asked me what my take was on all the world events, so here it is.

Zip your lip woman!
Zip your lip woman!

There is a definite shakeup with the entire global community that is hard to deny anymore and watching how divisive it has been and can be is amazing.  So many are buying into the fear that is being spread like frosting on a cake and they are hoarding.  That doesn’t benefit anyone.  You can’t deny that #weareallinthistogether as a global community.

… one thing I can do for me is to not match the energy

With all the news and fear that is being spread, I find that the one thing I can do for me is to not match the energy of the masses and certainly not the fear that is being projected “out there”.  This is the time to combine common sense, which isn’t always so common, with working inward, raising of one’s vibration. 

Humanity has been out of balance for quite a while in so many ways. 

To name a few:

  • Social injustice and people hating one another
  • Greed
  • Opioid dependency
  • Gun violence
  • Political unrest
  • taking away the rights of women and anyone who is not a white heterosexual male
  • So many being homeless
  • So many without food
  • Economic/Financial structures that have gotten out of control
  • Governmental and Authoritarian divisiveness
  • Raping the earth for her resources without concern of the consequences

∞ Create and Destroy ∞

Energy doesn’t disappear, it just gets transformed, transmuted or changed.  Right now, the law of Create and Destroy is rapidly occurring everywhere you look.  Whenever there is destruction, there is always new growth, something new gets to be created. 

You not only chose to be born on this planet — at THIS particular moment in time. You wanted to be here for this.  You had reasons:

We all knew that things were out of balance but how do you transform (blow it up) and create something new?  It looks like we have gotten some Divine help to change the trajectory of where we are heading as a global community.  

What is your vision of your life as you move through this harrowing time?  What would you like create as all this transforms? 

Are you looking to:

  • Heal any unworthiness?
  • Liberate your spirit?
  • Cocreate your reality?
  • Be your authentic self, walking and talking your Truth?
  • Actively engage in being you vs. just getting dragged along in the current, kicking and screaming? You do have a choice.
  • Be the light in the darkness for yourself (and by example) for others?
  • See humanity unite and usher in a new age of consciousness?

Are you here to awaken? 

Is there is a part of you that has been waiting and preparing for this giant leap of humanity? 

Because you’re in my community, odds are pretty good that you know, on some level, you chose to be here now, too.

So how do you stay grounded in your authentic vibration of Truth … when everything around you is so UN-grounded?

How do you step out of fight-or-flight mode and remain connected to your higher consciousness?  How can you contribute to those around you in a relaxed and meaningful way without them thinking that you are not taking this global disaster seriously?

That’s the Big Question.  Of course, you can use your tools and ground out other people’s fear, along with your own, and replenish with your own unique vibration and life force. 

You can ask questions while you use your tools.  These need to be asked daily, not just through this disaster, but from now on.

Three questions I ask myself every morning (I set alarms on my phone) are: 

How do I want to feel today?  (Note the word “want” since it is a choice you get to make)

What can I get excited or enthusiastic about today?

How can I make a difference today?

You get to choose, because you were meant to be part of the solution.

As you sit with this over the next few weeks of quarantine, you may arrive at some surprising realizations.

While you want to be aware and practical, doing all the recommended behaviors to reduce your risk of spreading the virus, you don’t have to buy into the fear and crazy energy.  You can still have your awareness and love the life you are living with gratitude. This is where I can support you.  Contact me to set up a complimentary 15-minute Breakthrough session.

You might begin to perceive a bit of calmness, or even a little bit of excitement within you.

Maybe you start to think that this isn’t even a problem, but instead a part of a solution?

You may discover that there are conversations you and yours could be having that no one else is having, connecting on a deeper and more loving level.

You may not feel that you are in it, although you may find yourself stepping into it at times.  This is where awareness and tools can assist.

Making a difference in your own life

You are not the effect of the media.  I suppose you could be, if you wanted to be completely unaware, but if you’re reading this, I know you aren’t.  You can maintain your own frequency.  It may take some practice.  Where are you on this spectrum? 

Suppression and containment have been the norm. 

When you decide not to match the panic and fear, anything you have thought of and believe is possible, is creating new realities.  You are creating opportunity and must open to the possibilities, the potentials that are revealing themselves to you.  Stay alert to that. 

You can get creative and curious about what you are being shown and step into it.  It’s okay to be a different version of you, one that is in congruence with yourself, where you can walk your talk and not care what others think about you. 

This is not being different for the sake of being different.  It’s more about just being more of who you truly are, being grounded and calm in the chaos. This is a skill that I teach, and you can learn more from a Breakthrough session. Contact me to set up a complimentary 15-minute Breakthrough session.

When you move into this vibration, into congruence with the real you, your frequency matches who you are now, so you can share your brilliance and allow it to continue to grow which allows others to match that instead of the fear.

Don’t allow people who are in fear make you wrong.  Some people need fear to wake up, and you don’t.  This shake up may or may not wake people up, and those who don’t will go kicking and screaming all the way into the new paradigm. 

What new openings are out there for you to have now?

Are you willing to have sparkling, magical life, being brilliantly aware, even though others can’t have it? 

Do you dare?

Let’s discover how you can navigate through all the chaos.