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Letting Go using “Breaking a Coconut – It Works!” | Guiding Inspiration
I tried this method of Letting Go as was suggested by one of you. This is a short documentary of the process. It really worked in releasing the energies that I wanted to let go of (written on the coconut).
I spent a few days with a coconut and followed the instructions on the video from the link I sent you last time.  I wanted to let go of Fear, Frustration and Effort.  No on was more surprised than I am at how well it worked.  Check out the mini documentary of the experience and let me know what you think.
Do you have a tip you find useful?
​Just in case you didn’t see the instruction video, here is that link again.It explains how to do it and also has written instructions.

Don’t forget, you can share your experience if you try it and if there is a different way that works for you that isn’t shared in this video series let me know right here by writing a comment. Find out more about how you can let go in other video blogs (vlogs). Let me know how you successfully let go of stress, anger, overwhelm, old relationships, etc.
Enjoy your day!


PS  For those of you who prefer to read what happened, here is an edited transcript:
Hi, this is Janet Green from Guiding Inspiration and I have my coconut that I’m going to go break and I’m here at Humboldt Park.  You can see behind me
some of the trees but I’m just going to go down to the water over here and I’ll give you little snippets of the whole process, okay?
I found some open water over here on this side of the lake or, should I say pond or lagoon.  I think that I’ll be throwing the coconut in here even though it’s not exactly going to be carried away swiftly.  I’ve been contemplating about these things that I wrote on the coconut, about how they’ve been holding me back from what I’d like to accomplish.  And so this (shaking the coconut), as Erin Weed said in the instruction video, I’ve been shaking it; shaking frustration, fear and effort.  Those are things I’m looking to release and actually, it’s funny because she said to just use one thing you want to let go of, but I’m thinking you can handle a few things in one coconut.  I’m going to prepare so give me a few minutes before throw it.
Okay!  I’ve just blessed these energies. I basically told them how much I love them because I’ve been hanging on to them for a really long time so it’s time to let go and I’m gonna crush this coconut.  Okay. (Throws the coconut),  Whoa!  Now I’ve got to pick up all the pieces which I can’t do while I’m filming and throw them into this water.
Okay!  I did it!  I threw it into the water but because it got so cold (and my fingers are just starting to warm up now), the camera died. It couldn’t handle the cold.  It’s freaking cold out here!  Once I threw it down and I picked up all the pieces, I noticed as I was throwing it in the water, all of a sudden I really did feel light which kinda surprised me. Who knew, right?!?
I would say this is a good technique to try and I would highly recommend giving yourself a chance check it out and see what you notice. I’m going to go
home now and write about it because I think it’s worth documenting.  Have a great one! Again, this is Janet Green from Guiding Inspiration.  Have fun.  Talk to you soon.