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How Do You Create Your Reality? Your Life Experience is a Clue | Guiding Inspiration

How Do You Create Your Reality?  Your Life Experience is a Clue

What does a typical day look like in your life?

We are entering spring this month. There is major energy on making your life matter, finding yourself and changing life for the better.  There is an energy of putting yourself first in your life so you can make that difference that you have always wanted to make.

How can you make changes in your life without turning your life upside down?

First, remember to continue connecting to the earth, so you have a place to release that which no longer serves you.  It will help here to do some self introspection, where you take a  look  at  how you perceive your world and your feelings about life.   Any place you are not happy with your life may become magnetized, which could attract more of what you don’t want into your life.  It will take more consciousness on your part to move the old way of doing things out so that you can bring new, dynamic changes into your life.    This could be very challenging,

What  will  help  minimize the drama?

As you recall from my last post, connecting to the center of the earth, allows you to release the whirlwind of things coming at you day in and day out.  Replenishing your own energy by finding  things  you  love  to do and are naturally talented at will help as well. When you find that you are intentional about where you put your intentions and actions, you will empower yourself so that you can create your life experience with less stress and drama.

One more Tool to add  to your Tool Belt:

Imagine a beautiful Gold Sun above your head that contains wonderful energy belonging to you and you alone.   It can contain the energy of grace, fun, enthusiasm, amusement, ease, love and anything that you would like to reclaim.   You can call back any type of vibration that will help you to resonate at total health, abundance, and allowance for what you love. You can bring in the energy of new dreams and creations to come into your life.   Fill in with the energy of your gold sun to replenish you whenever you feel less than optimal.

This is what I call the Circle of Life

When I used to watch the Lion King movie with my children, I always saw the image of each of you:

  • Releasing all the junk that no longer works for you into the earth
  • The earth neutralizing all the energy you let go of
  • All that neutral energy going back to your gold sun and
  • Finally shining all your awesome energy back into you, in all your magnificence, wisdom, amusement, joy, love and magic.

We are each so majestic and powerful and don’t even know it.   It’s time to tap into all the wisdom that you have.

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