What does having your own personal power mean to you? 

Does it mean doing what you want, when you want and how you want?  Does it mean having all the money you want with a great relationship and home?  Does it involve having a job doing what you love and enjoy so much that you would do it for free if you didn’t have to worry about money?

Why do you think you don’t already have all you want out of life?  

Is it possible that you are a walking contradiction?  Most of us have desires to be more than we are, and yet there was something that happened when we were in our formative years that made us feel that we were less than our potential; perhaps events that occurred in those early years were particularly unpleasant, which battered your tender psyche.  At that age, you are your emotional body.  The emotions that were created during the formative years are often the cause of your unsuccessful attempts at living the life of your dreams.  Physical and emotional abuse can result in feelings of inadequacy or worthless.

So how can you overcome those old patterns and claim your power?

The Key is observing what you really don’t want to look at; that which you have avoided looking at because of the pain it has caused you.  So, where do you begin … the first step is to observe yourself as you go through your day.  If you begin to open your awareness about what you do out of habit, you will begin to see that some of the things you are creating in your life are the opposite to what you want.  One of the reasons for this is that you have internal pictures that contradict your dreams.

After practice, you begin to see or feel where energy is not in motion and can clear out the blocks so that it is free to move again.

When your energy is in motion, it generates good health in the body.  When it is static or slowed down by something, it can ultimately show up in the body as illness.  Other times it will show up  as blocks around being able to have the life you desire.  It is here that you can begin to find your patterns.

If you place your attention in the center of your head, you begin to find the neutrality that will aid you in observing your behavior without judgment.

This is a great place to start the process of modifying your old patterns and bring your desires into congruence.  Once your patterns line up to your desires, your life can move forward in the direction you have longed for.