Where do you get your power in your life?

There are myriads of methods for healing yourself in our society. You can go the route of strictly healing the physical body or you can go with the premise that “If you can heal the spirit, the spirit can heal the body.” The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

It makes me think of the chicken or the egg argument. Which comes first? I have known many clients and friends who have been able to heal the spirit so that it can allow the healing of the body to take place. I have also seen the reverse,…
where healing the physical body through surgery or medication, removes a blockage physically in order that the spirit can once again create with the power that it was meant to have.

How does one know which method would be suitable for healing their own life? There are traditional doctors that could diagnose the physical problem. Once the problem is diagnosed there is always homework to be done. What are the traditional methods of treatment? Are there alternatives? What about the emotional/spiritual component? If you ask yourself in a quiet meditation what started this ailment or dis-ease, do you get a sense that it began with emotional distress or wanting for something that isn’t necessarily physical?

That is one reason why clients come to me. They do sense that there is something holding them back or something has been missing for so long that it may have manifested in the body. Some are looking for a clairvoyant look at what is going on and others are looking for some coaching.

There are numerous books that can be used for reference to assist you in regaining your power over some of the situations you find yourself experiencing in your life. I have added links to a few great sources here in my blog. Check them out to see if any resonate with you.