Depressed young woman crying

I’m writing the body below in the first person so you can really feel it as an exercise.  Maybe it resonates in a bone chilling way, and maybe you find your amusement and transform a lot of other people’s energy in and around your space.

  • It’s the same old, same old.  It’s filled with nothing but heartache, hard work and no gratification.  
  • I have no say in what happens, as the universe just throws a bunch of shit my way.  
  • I find that I must handle a bunch of other people’s stuff, along with my own and it always seems to be very intense.  Maybe I handle other peoples’ drama, maybe my own drama, but it’s still intense.
  • So why am I putting myself through this?  
  • What’s the reason that I want to do life on this three-dimensional plane?  
  • If nothing ever changes, and I’m on the trajectory of more misery, more heartache, and pain, (sometimes physical, sometimes emotional, sometimes mental), then why are I doing this?
An Idea occurred.
Then it hit me!

As these words presented themselves while I meditated, I began to feel a giggle coming up from within me.  My amusement suddenly decided to appear, and I saw how funny it was.  I opened my eyes to speak these words into a recorder and a bunch of notes I had written on an envelope a while back, appeared right in front of me.

I read them and smiled more broadly.  Life is made up of small profound changes.  I can choose something different.

It’s time to release the following:

  • I am not worthy
  • I haven’t done enough
  • I am responsible for other people’s happiness

Ego’s want immediate gratification.  Sometimes that happens, and sometimes it doesn’t.  Even if I get immediate gratification, the ego is always in search for the next thing, because nothing really fills the void long enough to make my ego happy.

But wait!  There's more to me than I think!
What can make me happy?

The simple truth is: 

  • I am filled with unlimited value
  • My soul has achieved greatness and miracles
  • I have achieved greatness
  • I am an extraordinary being
  • I will continue to achieve greatness and great things
  • It is safe for me to share my gifts with the world
  • It is safe for me to heal what no longer serves me
  • It is safe to be me
  • It is time for me to align with my spiritual energy for the coming year; day by day, week by week and month by month, for my own Divine right timing

No matter what anyone else thinks or says:

  • It is safe for me to put my happiness first
  • My happiness is a priority
  • My wellbeing benefits all beings
I have a right to be my most authentic self
It’s safe to be me

Of course, I have a choice about what I want and how I want to be in the future. 

So, I’m making a choice.  Today, tomorrow and all the days that follow, I choose to be more aligned with who my soul and spirit are.  I am meant to be happy, healthy, in loving relationships and in community with others I can enjoy and who can enjoy me.  And so it is.

Now, how does that make you feel?