Using the image of a great tree can help you imagine your grounding. Allow the trunk to go all the way into the center of the earth.

Ground Your Reality? What Does that Mean? 

What does it mean to Ground Yourself?

Sometimes you will hear people say they need to center themselves. That is another way of saying they need to ground themselves. When you create a connection to the earth, you create a safe place for you to exist on a body level. When you are connecting downward, instead of reaching out to others on the planet, you create a stable base, or a foundation that makes it easier to get through your day without the drama that you see some people go through day in and day out.

How can you tell if you are grounded?

If you are trying to have a stable base by connecting to the people around you, you are always at the mercy of all the drama going on around you. There really is nothing stable about that. It is like being a balloon on a string. You blow which ever way the wind blows. It is not a way to get what you want in your life. It can feel like your life is out of your control. Does that sound like you? Are you at the mercy of everything going on around you?

How can you benefit from having yourself grounded?

When you create a connection to the earth going straight into the center of the earth, you create a safe place to release the whirlwind of things coming at you day in and day out. Your connection with the earth can create a lightning rod of sorts, for you to let go of all that energy, everyone’s demand on you, etc., so that you can have a connection to your higher self, to begin to know what you want and what you may want to commit yourself to. You can do this without everyone else you know getting their two cents in.
Once you let other people influence you less, you start to reconnect with what you want and how to achieve it. Things start to move along with less drama and more grace and ease. You might find yourself in the flow of life and wonder how you made that happen? GROUNDING!!!
Absolutely Amazing! More next month.

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