Sometimes we get so caught up in getting things done that we need to accomplish; we don’t stop to find enjoyment in our day to day. Sometimes we have so many things that we are juggling; so many problems to care for that we lose sight of the things that make life wonderful. If you are caught up in the day to day right now, or find yourself there from time to time, I have a few suggestions.

Here are five ways to reclaim your power from those days and to bring more love and joy into your life:

1. Get outdoors. Take a walk and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Spend a little time away from all the pressures and really look at the wonders and beauty that surround you. Don’t forget that you are an inherent part of that beauty.

2. Bring some nature into your home or work. How about bringing a plant or a bouquet of flowers to wherever you are indoors so that you can be reminded of the beauty of yourself and your surroundings. There is nothing like a living plant or colorful flowers to lift ones spirits and bring in joy. You are certainly worth it!

3. Take life extra seriously, NOT! Find your amusement and Laugh! Life cannot crush you when you are laughing it in the face. I have often fooled myself into thinking that something was funny just by pretending to laugh. It is even more fun if you find a way to make someone else laugh. You’ll find that it is contagious.

4. Take a look around you and notice that there are others demonstrating love and joy all around you; perhaps you see a couple holding hands or new parents with their baby. Focus on their expressions and notice how it changes your attitude. Once your attitude has shifted, you will notice many more demonstrations of love and joy around you.

5. Notice how much fun you create in your own life. Take a lesson from a child, puppy or a kitten playing. What do you do for fun? My family likes to play ping pong. It may start out slowly, but no matter how reserved one might be to start, the momentum eventually catches and everyone is smiling from ear to ear before it’s over. So if you aren’t already creating fun in your life, it’s time to begin.

Any of these suggestions are helpful in stepping out of the grind for just a little while and once you gain that new perspective, things don’t seem so overwhelming or intense. When we shine our new perspective on ourselves we find that joy and love take a higher place in our consciousness. It’s the fuel to get us through our day to day.

We all need reminding that there is a lot about life we do enjoy and love. So don’t be afraid to just take a few minutes when you need it to find out what is fun for you.