I’m sure you’ve heard of Murphy’s Law: Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Well, there’s a similar law that says that left to themselves, things have a tendency to go from bad to worse. 

So for example, if there is something that is making you unhappy — for any reason — the situation will tend to get worse rather than get better. So rather than engaging in denial, or pretending that nothing is wrong, or wishing and hoping and praying that, whatever it is, it will go away– spend your time trying to face the situation and do something about it.

Many people become very frustrated after working very hard on a job, a relationship, losing weight, etc. It may help to separate from the frustration by getting a bird’s eye view. Asking yourself a few questions can help get that point of view; the big picture.
 Ask Yourself this…
Today, I am offering the first of three questions for you to ask yourself. Write it down at the top of a sheet of paper, and then write as many answers to it as you possibly can.

1. The question is: “What would it take for me to be perfectly happy?”

  • Be clear about what it would take for you to have your ideal life.  
  • Write down every single thing that you can imagine that you would have if you were perfectly happy at this very moment. 
  • Write down things such as: 
    • health 
    • prosperity
    • loving relationships
    • inner peace
    • travel
    • car
    • clothes
    • homes
    • and so on. 
  • Let your creative mind run freely
  • Imagine that you have NO limitations at all
  • Write down everything, whether or not you think you have a snowball’s chance in hell of actually getting it or not
By asking yourself this question, you will begin to delve deeper into yourself and your feelings. You may even begin to accept your own happiness is a legitimate standard for evaluating everyone and everything in your life.
 Use your happiness as your measure of what is right for you. It can help you begin to see a situation entirely differently.  You might find that in terms of your own happiness, the right answer might be to do something else, or to do what you’re doing in a different place, or to do it with different people — or all three.
Next week I will go to the second question.  Till then, see what you notice for this first exercise.  Let me know.