Yes! You got what you wanted!!!

Were you able to let yourself answer the question in the first of this series of posts:  “What would it take for me to be perfectly happy?”  
If not, perhaps you could give it a try now.  Writing it down often makes it real in the body.  Your unconscious mind doesn’t know that if it has or hasn’t already happened.  
You might even try this before bed and dream about it…you never know what awesome things you might imagine when given the freedom of your astral space, where anything is possible!
Now, the second question is a little more difficult.  Ask yourself, “Where am I not perfectly happy in my life; in other words, what are the situations in my life, and who are the people in my life that I am not perfectly happy with?” 
Really examine every part of your day, from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night, and write down every single element that makes you feel unhappy or dissatisfied in any way. Remember, diagnosing the problem is half the cure. In order to resolve a problem, you have to become aware of it first.
Once you compare your answers, think about what you can do, starting immediately, to move toward the things you want to create in the life which will allow you to step away from the things that you no longer wish to attract into your life.  
One thing to remember is that no matter how big that elephant (your goal) is, by eating it one bite at a time, you will get closer and closer to what you hold in your vision.  It does take time.  Focus on moving in a direction that demonstrates perfect happiness for you.  You will notice that as your focus remains on your own happiness, you will see that you become more optimistic and have a feeling of more control in your life.