Create & Destroy Review

A Tele-Workshop 

When is the last time you consciously worked your Meditation tools?

It may be time to review this amazing tool so you can use it again more effectively.
Have you noticed how crazy things are in your life lately?
Have you been able to run your energy?
How have your tools been working for you?
Do you use your Create & Destroy tool to help you through it all?

Join Janet in this 90 minute Tele-Workshop to rediscover your ability to use this tool as well as others:

  • Review Running Energy with a group of like minded people
  • Gain Your Certainty with what you are creating in your life
  • Destroy what no longer works for you with greater ease
  • Raise your Havingness and find Grace and Effortlessness once again
  • Shift your paradigm to manifest what you want in your life – using your tools the way you did when you first learned them
  • Find your amusement along the way

Reclaim your tools of:

  • Identifying what is your energy and your desires
  • Separating your energy out from all that you do
  • Reignite the path to trusting your own answers
  • Create new mock-ups of what you wish to manifest NOW
This Review Tele-Workshop is open to those who have already taken Meditation 1
The intention of this workshop is to meet you wherever you are in your growth

Cost: $57