Test Teaching

I trained as an energy worker over 20 years ago, beginning by teaching adult students how to meditate and use their own energy to heal themselves. By 2002, I taught students to recall their own ability to be clairvoyant and see the energy that blocks them and others. I believe in the premise that, if you can heal the spirit, the spirit can heal the body. When students discover their own abilities, they can overcome obstacles themselves and heal their lives. I not only help clients heal, but I teach them how to heal themselves.

As people become adults, the experiences they have along the way often create small psychic wounds and misperceptions that cause them to attract the things they actually don’t want in their lives. Through the classes and workshops I teach (with amusement and a little levity), real miracles occur in my students’ lives, tearing down their old beliefs and patterns so they can create the new wonderful lives they’re meant to live.

And I continue my own education in order to facilitate any number of methods of teaching to create absolutely amazing transformations for my students. I believe I’ve gone light years beyond my original training in my capacity to help people make positive changes in their lives.