De-Clutter Your Aura, De-Clutter Your Life Tele-Workshop

Are you tired of the Clutter in your life?  Maybe your entire personal space needs to be De-Cluttered

Whether you are new to working with energy or an old pro, we all get some clutter every now and then.

It’s time for some Spring Cleaning!

    In this 90 minute Tele-Workshop, you will energetically lighten your load, giving yourself a breath of fresh air so you can have fun with your other Spring Cleaning.

  • You will clear out things that have cluttered your personal space and Aura for who knows how long?
  • You’ll be able to tell the difference between What kinds of things don’t you need to carry with you anymore and store them away
  • You will locate and remove any blocks that have kept you from having the motivation you need in order to follow up with the other projects that you want to tackle for your spring cleaning.
  • You will create a ‘Pep” in your step to have fun with the “To Do” Projects that you have been avoiding

Open to all Levels ~~ but that doesn’t mean that it won’t meet you where you are working.  Register right here.

Cost: $57