Create a New Reality

4 Simple Tools to Revolutionize Your Life


These 4 Tools Will Help You Discover …

  • The Benefits of Meditation and Why You Should Meditate
  • The Stress Cycle and its Effect on You
  • How to Replenish Your Energy When You Are Depleted
  • The Effect of Grounding Energy
  • What Neutrality is and How it Can Work for You
  • What to Do When You Hit a Wall
  • How to Master the Game of the Planet – Create and Destroy
  • How to Build a Daily Practice
  • 10% of Each Sale will be donated to The Insight Project for Kids, Not for Profit so that more teachers can be hired to teach these important stress management tools to school age children
  • 6 FREE Guided Meditation Audio downloads of the tools, Plus 2 Exercise Worksheets  





Dear Janet,
Congratulations on your wonderful book.  I found the practices very grounding and refreshing. And the case studies bring your lessons to practical reality.  How wonderful.  I love the grounding visualization and the create and destroy. I love your sense of adventurous, fun/humorous attitude toward a very powerful topic. The simplicity of the book, and the friendliness you exude in the book makes this book very accessible.
Another great resource to your basket of services: book, telephone workshops and classes, weekly support, and your powerful one-on-one breakthrough coaching.
Julie Wu Finkelstein