Communicating with Angels Workshop

Sometimes life gets kind of crazy and overwhelming.

Sometimes it feels like there is no one there to support us on our journey, that we are alone.

Maybe you have felt fear, uncertainty or worry about something you encounter now and again.

Did you know that there are Angelic beings who want to help you?

If you have gotten to know me over the years, you know that more and more Angels have been joining us on our calls.  You also know that no one was more surprised than me!

I used to think that we had to go it alone in this life and even praying for change, didn’t have the impact I would have hoped for.  Even though I knew somewhere deep inside that we are all connected, I couldn’t feel it.

I had several guides who helped me open up my communication and one in particular took me to places and dimensions that proved to be vital in opening up my communication to Angels.

In December 2013, I decided to offer 3 free one hour calls as “A Gift to You”.  During the first call, I was the unsuspecting recipient of a miraculous gift.  A legion of 40 Angels came to work with me on the call and stayed with me and anyone who listened to the replay of the calls.  My surprise was very apparent to those who were on the call.

Since then, more and more Angels have come to assist me and anyone who participates in a workshop, a call or the replays.  I am honored and so happy to present this workshop.

During the call, Angels will help you release the old beliefs that keep you from accessing them.

Find your best way to access the help you need, whether it be trust, certainty, support or protection

Know that there are Angelic beings who want to help you.

Find out for yourself.

Cost:  $57