Abundance class – 4 week series

This is a class for anyone, even if you’ve never taken a class before. You may be a beginner or an advanced student and this class will address you right where your needs are right now in present time. So wherever you’re ready to take your next step, this class will help you create that miracle.

This Abundance class is all about YOU finding and having your own truth. It’s about seeing where you can raise your vibration to manifest more good fortune in this lifetime – and bring it into your life now.

Maybe you want a yacht? Perfect health? A dream job? The perfect soul mate? How do you tap into that energy and have that in abundance in your life?

Each class examines your ability to have your ultimate abundance in your life in a fun way. We will address four key areas such as:

      • Finances
      • Career
      • Relationships
      • Health

You will begin to create miracles in your life in a really fun and simple way. How do you tap into that energy and have that abundance in your space?

First, you need to be open to receiving it and that could be blocked in one area or another in your life. Maybe you have a great career that leaves no time to have a relationship. Maybe you have a great relationship, but can’t bring in enough money to get ahead.

This class is designed to raise your vibration so that it’s easier to make changes and create the life you want.

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