Why work with Janet?


Helping women who are struggling to find validation and create magic in their lives, is focus and passion of Guiding Inspiration.


Janet is gifted with natural intuition.  She exhibited innate intuitive knowledge as a young child and as an adult, has taught extensive high-level intuitive courses to experienced professionals.  Whether you are at a beginning or an advanced level, Janet can guide you through the limiting beliefs that hold you back.  Janet has been studying and training others since 1994, successfully navigating the stepping-stones of life.

Janet is known for her coaching versatility, in her ability to guide anyone from a CEO to school aged children.  She has been translating these tools, valued by the Chicago Public School system, where she is currently coaching students, teachers, councilors, and administrators.

A successful business owner herself, Janet has owned and sold a successful interior landscaping company and currently has runs two businesses, a real estate company and Guiding Inspiration.

Janet co-hosted a radio show with Deborah Hill’s Awareness Initiative.  Downloads are available at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/intuitivecoach.